by hamidsheikh


Cottage 1                       2 beds                          300:-/day

Cottage  4,6.                  2 beds                           300:-/day

Cottage 3,7,8, 12,13,14       2 beds                           350 :-/day singelbeds

Cottage 9, 10                  3 beds                           350:-/day

Cottage 5                    5 beds                           500:-/day

Cottage 11                    4 beds                            450:-/day

Stuga 2,  15 ”Nystuga”           5 beds  *Luxorius location      550:-/day

Caravans and Mobilehomesr         200:-/day
Electricity                           60:-/day

Family Tent                        150:-/day
Small tent (Canoe, Cyclist, hikers)     100:-/day

Boat/Canoe                         40:-/hour
Boat/Canoe  6hours                200:-
SUP       60:-/hour
Sauna                              60:-/hour
Laundry                             30:-/hour
Book of Sölje                       180:-/hour
Map of Glaskogen                   125:-/hour


Our campsite has in its surroundings a large number of noble and all-fish waters to choose from. So if you love to sit at a small lake o see the rainbow watch, Sölje Camping is a good destination to stay at.
Stora Lesjön next to the campsite is rich in pike o perch. 1 kg of perch and 8-9 kg of pike is quite common catch.

Also available a little precious fish in Stora Lesjön.


Important to keep in mind is that fishing licenses apply in all waters.

Fishing license is sold at reception Sölje Camping

Fishing license Noble fishing
Sale Fishing conservation area association

Prices for fishing and annual passes and applies annually (ex 170422 applies to 180421)

Fishing license in fishing water incl. Ö Rödvattnet
annual pass for all 1200: – year (only 4 fish / day)
Daily card 100: – / day
Family card SEK 200 a day (max 8 fish)

Fishing license in all fish water
(max 4 fish)
Year card 200: – / year
Weekly card 100: –
Day pass 40: – (applies 24 hours)

Fishing license for group in all fish water
20: – per person per day, however at least 200: – / card and group.

Fishing license for group in fish water
Family card 200: – / day

Settlement in the form of a fixed day price can be met with a group.
The settlement must be approved by the order. and at least one member, e.g. cashier.
However, the discount for larger groups should not exceed 20%.

Fishing license at fishing competitions
300: – / occasion.

Contact persons for Sölje FVOF

Peter Aldèn 070 8815234
Niklas Karlsson 070 2027112

Bank giro 5138-9971