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Beautiful sunsets in the West of Värmland

Approximately 30 minutes south of Arvika, an hour north of Säffle you find Sölje Camping, one of the most beautiful campsites in the country, located at the lake Stora Lesjön.

The campsite is located in west postion and is known by its incredible sunsets. Its a family-friendly and safe campsite. We’re surrounded by the nature with delicius berry and mushroomforrest, game fishing with trout and rainbow trout and cultural attractions.

You will find 15 cabins with a total number of 34 beds (2-5 beds). Each and every cabin with a small kitchen and a view over the lake. We have about 60 tent and caravanspots where 48 of them is equipped with electricity. The campsite servicebuildings are equipped with showers, toilets, toilet for disability, kitchen, washing machine and dryer. Down at the lake you will also find a Sauna with panoramic window.

A lot of activities – on the campsite and in the environment Activities at Sölje Camping during the summer consists of miniature golf and boule. Theres also a big soccerfield for other activities such as fotboll, trampoline, stickey sticks and more. Visit the reception and our helpfull staff will assist you with whatever you need Rowing boats, canoes and bikes are available for rental.

We are the little family campsite with the big childsafe playground in the middle of the site. A trampoline for the bigger ones and a sandbox with climbing tower for the smaller ones. The highlight of the summer is the swimming school with knowledgeable teachers that joins us during 3 weeks. If the weather is against us there is always the possibility to use our conference building for crafts and games.

On the campsite you will find several location for you to use for a barbecue. Fetch some firewoods and cozy down and enjoy the sunset or why not take the opportunity to book the sauna at nightfall. With a window at the lake one can enjoy the heat from the sauna and afterwards cool down taking a bath from the pier connected to the sauna. Sölje Camping is the campsite for the family and of course that includes our four legged family members who have their own “dog beach” to cool down from the heat.

During the summer the campsite offer several different activities and starts off with celebrating midsummer with music, songs and games. First weekend of july we host our “family weekend” and in the beginning of august we have our potluck in the sign of the crayfish.

Close to Sölje Camping theres a large numbers of salmon and regular fishinglakes to choose from. In Stora Lesjön you will find plenty of groupers and pikes. Groupers up to 1kg and pikes up to 8-9kg is quite common. If you want to try fishing salmon there are several location to choose from within 5-10 km distance. When done you can take your catch to our fishsmoker and prepare your meal. Fishing license can be phurcased at our reception.

In the West of Värmland you will find cultural attractions and activities by the numbers. Some excursions and cultural attractions worth mentioning is Glava Glasbruk, Glava Hembygdsgård (folk museum) with its herbgarden. Sölje Hembygdsgård with museum from “Republik Åsentiden” and Café Arve and Rackstadmuseum in Arvika. One week during July the event “Gammelvala” in Brunskog goes off, where you will find traditions and craftmanship from the old days. In Klässbol you will find the famous “Klässbol Linneväveri” who are the royal court supplier of the exclusive linen and “Kaffekvarnen” nominated to one of Swedens best coffeeshops by “White Guide”. Or why not plan a hike in Glaskogens nature reserve with its 300km long tracks its the biggest reserve around this area. A reserve with wild nature and beautiful enviroment where you can find both moose and wolves. Everything in a few miles.

Closest village is Glava, 12km north of the campsite. The town Glava is stocked with a general store, gas station/garage and a pizzeria.

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